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James Strempel

ACL Replacement Surgery

Palatine Clinic

Managing arthritic joints in the winter

Back in March 2014, I was giving defensive tactics training at work (U.S. Coast Guard) and while demonstrating a proper take down I heard two very distinctive pops in my right knee and fell to the ground immediately. I had completely torn my ACL.

I had surgery to replace my ACL on May 23. I decided (due to my age) to go with a cadaver for my graft. Surgery was only suppose to be two hours but ended up being over four. It turns out that knee was a bit worse off then the MRI had shown. My meniscus was also in very bad shape and had to be repaired as well.

Three weeks after surgery I started physical therapy at Athletico in Palatine, IL. My therapist (Brianna) is the best!! In fact, the entire staff is great. Everyone there is supportive, and understanding. They have nothing but your best interest in mind. It’s been four months since I’ve had surgery and there their hard work (and mine) I’m already back to running on the treadmill and ahead of schedule on the road to recovery. I would recommend Athletico to anyone that’s needs any type of physical therapy.
Obviously, the ultimate goal is a full and healthy recovery. Thanks to the help of the staff, especially my therapist (Brianna), I’m very close to achieving that goal.

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