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Karen Krohn

Yesterday, April 10, 2019, was my “graduation day” from Athletico Oak Brook. On December 17, 2018, I experienced an “explosion of pain” in my right knee. I went directly to Athletico for a screen to determine if I had done some type of serious damage. After clinic manager, Doug, checked me out, he sent me to a local sports doc (he made the appointment for me) who did x-rays in his office and said there was no serious damage. I began physical therapy that week. Shortly, the pain moved to my left hip and groin as the knee improved. The pain was intense limiting my regular movements and activities. During the icy polar vortex, my spirits were pretty low due to a very high level of pain. Doug and his excellent staff kept my morale up and cheered the little victories and improvements with me. Regular visits to the physician confirmed my progress as I continued physical therapy.

There were days when I really believed I would NEVER feel good again. Those days were hard to drag myself into the clinic for my appointment. But, invariably, I felt better after the visit. The professionalism and knowledge of the staff, the other patients that you form “mini-friendships” with and just the improvement you feel after a visit was always uplifting. Suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, I turned a corner and I knew I was improving quickly and that I would soon “graduate” from therapy. I told Doug yesterday that there were days when I never thought I would be pain free again and here I am….pain free. I feel as if I have a new lease on life with a new appreciation for feeling good. I’m certainly not an elite athlete or competitor, but I am fit and have always enjoyed movement and exercise. My fear that I would never be able to walk comfortably (my preferred form of exercise) or do yoga again frightened and saddened me. My dog gained 10 pounds (!) during my exercise hiatus and she and I are anxious to get back on our long leisurely walks. I attended two yoga classes this week and while I am not back to where I was, I am confident that I will be. The support, knowledge and care I received from Athletico Oak Brook – from the receptionists, the interns, the aids and the therapists themselves – was outstanding. The level of service they provide – including helping with excellent physicians to monitor and check progress – makes the experience seamless for a patient. The clinic is clean, bright and inviting. Strange as it sounds, it seems as if everyone is “happy” to be there even though we are in pain/discomfort. You feel welcomed every time you walk through the clinic doors. Athletico has figured this physical therapy thing out and I am sure helps countless people come back from serious and not-so-serious injuries. I am very grateful to them for giving me back my feeling of well-being.

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