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Maike Fink

Shoulder Injury


I was referred to Athletico Physical Therapy’s Munster location, after I had visited the ortho specialist for my shoulder. My doctor worked with me for a couple of months and developed a health plan that led to a few health improvements. Despite those efforts, we collectively decided that surgery would be the best move forward option.

Post-surgery, I began rehabilitation with Athletico.  The staff was very friendly, helpful and looked for opportunities to make the rehabilitation experience fun! From goal setting to a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, I am happy to share that I have the mobility of my shoulder back. Through the challenges, achievements as well as the additional appointments from falling down the stairs, the staff at Athletico Physical Therapy’s’ Munster location continued to assist me as I looked to achieve my full potential.

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with this group, and appreciate their willingness to keep in touch. I’m not one for asking for help or even wanting to go to doctors but I know that I can count on everyone at Athletico. Should I need additional care, I will be returning to the Munster location!

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